“Love at First Flight”

The Passion

In 2008 Reem tried her first air sport adventure ever (Tandem Paragliding) in Corsica, France. That’s how her passion for flying started.

She has been on tandem paragliding and hang gliding many times in Europe, Turkey, USA and the UK. This became an obsession! She then decided to get licensed in the ultralight aviation field and in 2012 she joined Qatar flying club as the first female member in the club.

In 2014 she went to the UK for an intensive training to obtain the British National Private Pilot License (NPPL) in microlight.  It took her almost 4 weeks of hard work, day in day out, morning until evening.

Reem completed her training and passed all the required tests from the first attempt and became:

  • The first Qatari with an NPPL issued from the UK CAA.
  • The first female ultralight sport pilot in the Middle East with a microlight weightshift-control licence.
  • The first Qatari female pilot in the ultralight sport aviation field in general.






Extreme sports

The first aircraft for a female in Qatar

In 2015, Reem ordered her own French-made aircraft and went to the factory in France to decide on the customized colours and specifications.

She was at the Air Creation factory so it was an amazing opportunity to fly at their airfield with one of the best test pilots in the world! She flew with one of the famous instructors in France who trained her on mountain flying, then he invited her to visit the Valmeinier 1800 ski resort in France to start training on the snow above the Alps peaks.

Few months later, she received her aircraft which now has the call sign (A7-URD) the first aircraft registered for a female in Qatar!

For Business Inquiries

In 2018, she started an advanced high altitude winter flying training in France. Flying on a microlight weight-shift with skis rather than wheels. The take-offs and landings at high altitudes need special training not only because skis are difficult to balance on a snowy runway, but also due to the difference in air density and atmospheric pressure at higher altitudes. The higher the altitude, the longer the runway must be for take-off in particular. The airfield is at about 8000ft. 

A typical day for Reem in Valmeinier would be: skiing to the airfield, flying, landing and then skiing back to the resort. It starts as she gets up early in the morning, packs her ski equipment, takes the chairlift up to about 9000ft and then skis down to the airfield location at about 8000ft. Having reached the airfield, it’s time for a warm drink and prepare for flying. It’s freezing cold flying at temperatures reaching as low as -20 in-flight, but they are all equipped with special winter gear (flying suit, boots and electrically heated gloves). After landing, she puts her ski gear back on as the only way to get back down to the hotel at 6000ft in the ski resort is by skiing again. Reem has been doing that every winter since 2018 and this became like her annual winter destination ever since. Skiing and flying winter holiday!

soaring the alps peaks, France,2018

For Reem, it’s always been a very unique and exceptional experience! Flying above the peaks of the French Alps, take-offs and landings on short snowy slopes and mountain edges in places that have never been reached before by any other means unless flying on board a microlight aircraft. Soaring freely like a bird, reaching as high as the highest peak in Western Europe, the majestic Mont Blanc! It’s out of this world!

It’s an outstanding experience! A must do! at least once in the life time.

Reem has been training and building hours in many other types of microlight aircraft such as gyrocopter, fixed wing aircrafts, powered and non-powered gliders, paragliding and has started training for the Private Pilot License (PPL).

In Aug 2020 she obtained the powered paragliding license (Paramotor License) (APPI PPG) in Qatar. It’s another amazing ultralight air sport, flying with even more freedom as it is a totally physically demanding sport and she loves how challenging that feels. Few months after getting the license she completed an intermeditae training successfully and reached the next level.

At the end of 2020, she became a team pilot with the world famous fly BGD, one of the best designers and manufacturers of paragliding and paramotor wings in the world.

In June 2021, Reem decided to travel to Turkey and started a paragliding training which she completed within two weeks and in July 2021, she completed an advanced paragliding training in France. 

Air sports in general are very safe and fun if all safety procedures and precautions are taken into consideration. It’s a magical and spiritual sensation watching the world from a whole new perspective, flying close to and through clouds is absolutely outstanding and positively changes one’s mindset!

Capt. Reem Al-Kuthairi

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Let's go Paragliding!😎

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